3D Foam Letters & Props Completely custom letters and characters for any special projects you may have

Pricing for 3D Foam Letters starts at $500 per letter for 30″ inch letters and goes up from there.

Below are several pictures of our projects and capabilities. All of the projects are “custom-made to order”.  Just about anything you can imagine can be achieved.


4ft. 3D Foam Letters

This picture shows 4ft  Tall/ 20" "Deep" White 3D Foam Letters. For "Non-Coated White"

If you going to use this in indoor or for short time outside 4-5 month , you do not need coated , if is for outdoor long term you will need coated.

*Each Order will have a “Crating Fee” in addition to shipping. The Crates average $350+ per order. This is to ensure your letters arrive fresh and happy. Anything more than 1 letter usually ships via freight.

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    These projects are COMPLETELY custom. Call or email your details to info@firesigninc.com

3D Letters & Foam Details

  • What are our props/ sculptures made of?

    We use state-of-the-art 3D sculpting software & computerized cutting equipment to sculpt out of foam blocks that are later hard coated, primed and painted.

  • Custom Prop and Theming Quote

    Have our experts provide you with a quote on your next prop or theme project. From materials to turnaround time estimates, we ensure the creative process fits your budget and time requirements. Contact us today!

  • Themed Environments

    We can supply the “ENTIRE ENVIRONMENT”. We are talking the big stuff! 67ft statues, all of it!

Still Need Something to stand out on a Smaller Budget?

Our “Pop Up Walls” and displays for the person who wants to make an “Incredible Statement” on a not so large budget. Each option comes with a FULL COLOR VIBRANT Imprint! Easy to move, removable, machine washable graphic. This product allows you to just replace the graphic when you want to update your look.

  • Hopup tension fabric displays feature a lightweight, durable, anodized silver frame with grey in-molded Velcro end caps
  • One frame, one graphic
  • Easy assembly
  • Supports an integrated fabric graphic mural (end caps also available)
  • Stabilizer feet included

Various Sizes of Pop Walls and Displays

Various Sizes of Pop Walls and Displays

Completely Custom Themes and Environments

Need Something Else? Have Questions? We can make it info@firesigninc.com or 678-574-2461