Now that the holidays are fast approaching, many Managers, Business Owners,  and Leaders are again facing the question that they may have been asking themselves for the past few years now: Should I get my employees holiday gifts? and what should I get?

If you have already decided to get holiday gifts, please click here to shop. But for the many that have still not decided to treat your employees and clients to something special, please consider the following arguments to be made for such a thought action for your “prized people”. 

‘Gifts Cost Too Much”

FALSE. A “little” goes a LONG WAY. Now while some “Corporate Gifts” can indeed get pretty pricey, some gifts are as low as $5 per person!  But can you really put a price on “emotional gains”? What is an “emotional gain”? This is when you “touch” the “feelings inside” a person. It’s happened to all of us. Someone may stop by our desk with our favorite snack.  You come home and someone says “I saw this and thought about you, so I picked it up”.  This MELTS your “insides”. Has you feeling all “warm and fuzzy”. Most importantly it leaves an indelible mark with the person.

Don’t believe this is true?  Read here 

 INC magazine actually asked employees what they wanted. Notice, several of the people “NEVER FORGOT” their “best gifts”. A “token” of appreciation goes a LOOONG WAY!   Let’s say you have 50 Employees and you say, you know what “$50 per person won’t kill me”. Some people will just say “Let’s get everyone gift cards”. While this isn’t a terrible idea, we want to get more ROI on our investment and human capital is an investment. You are ONLY as strong as your weakest link. Why would you NOT show appreciation?  

Here is a great example. Let’s say you have a lot of coffee drinkers in the office. What better way to say “THANK YOU” than this “Tuscany Coffee Set”? 

tuscany-thermos-cup-settuscany-brown gift set Here’s why this gets you a better ROI than a gift card. This gift set includes a thermos, two coffee cups, three packs of Boca Java, 2 rock candy stirrers and a GREAT “Folding Bin” that can be used afterwards. At the same time you are showing appreciation, you are building “Brand Recognition”. These items have a high perceived value. Not to mention, you can use the thermos for all hot beverages, including soup! This is one of those items, that once received they will appreciate it for YEARS to come.

“It’s Too Hard to Order Gifts for Everyone”

Now sure, everyone is their own person and everyone likes different stuff from time to time. But MOST gifts can be “universally” appreciated. If you don’t feel like doing any of it. That’s when you contact someone like us. Not to brag, but we are pretty great this “gift selection stuff”. You can tell us your needs and your budget and we can narrow down the options for you.  Here are a few ideas that EVERYONE appreciates when they get them. 


Blankets are one of these items that are appreciated for EVER. Everyone attends outdoor activities. Everyone gets COLD at some point in life. A blanket sends a “subliminal message” of “we keep you covered”. Other family members in the house will use the blanket and you start to build a higher quality of Brand Recognition, at the same time showing appreciation!

Stadium Blanket with Cushion

outdoor-blanket portable-blanket

quillow sport-travel-blanket


“Some employees/client people deserve more than others”. 

This may very well be true. However, make sure you treat EVERYONE. At the same time, if you KNOW that some people are just “stronger” than others. This is a “GREAT PLACE” to introduce “Recognition Awards”. It’s the end of the year. Everyone can get a gift, but take a moment to “highlight” your “Star Employees AND Clients”.  I have a client that does an “Annual Award Show” for his CLIENTS. They come out and are completely appreciative. 


So there you have it folks. If you are debating on getting holiday gifts for your employees and clients, I do suggest you stop delaying the inevitable and make the call. I’ve literally had several clients call me after the holiday season to share and RAVE about how well their gift went over with their recipients and clients.  Some even wrote “new business” themselves when their client received the gifts! There is a “Law of Karma” that many don’t know about. It’s the “Law of Action and Effect”. No matter “how small” the action. The effect will ALWAYS be magnified. One small token of appreciation can open doors you never thought about. 

Unique Corporate Holiday Gifts

Now that we have talked about the benefits of giving holiday gifts. I want to take a moment to highlight a few items that are SURE to give some “WOW Factor”. Technology and Utility Gifts are ALL the rage right now. Below are a few that just make you say “Now that’s Cool”. 


Folding Wireless Keyboard


Why it’s Fresh? It’s portable, “triple folding” bluetooth” capability. you can use it for ALL sizes of tablets and smartphones. Even works on iphones.(which we all know Apple is a little shady at times when working with others.)  includes a charging cable. Most importantly. It doesn’t take up a lot of SPACE! 


Whose it for? This one is for everyone. But ESPECIALLY your “Road Warriors”, “Yoga Moms” and anybody to needs to give stuff done. 

Bluetooth Beanie


Why It’s Fresh : All of your “Jetson Dreams” are alive and well with this item!! It’s a “Smart” knit beanie with the headphones BUILT IN with a microphone for listening to music and hands free phone calls. Comes with a rechargeable battery. It’s about to get cold just about all over the U.S. Up north, it just becomes BITTER. This lets you stay warm and jam out at the same time! 

Whose this for: You know these days, even my 76 year old grandma uses blue tooth items. So I would say this is for ANYONE who is going to have to be outside in the cold. The football games, the winter festivals. Everyone will appreciate this one.  


Amp It Up Speakers


Why It’s Fresh : You can “plug it in”. Looks just like a guitar amp! It will connect to EVERYTHING! MP3 Players, Smartphones, even computers.

Whose this for: This is for the person that really likes cool stuff.


Disco Ball Bluetooth Speaker


Why It’s Fresh : Because it lights up!!! When is the last time you have seen something this cool? It’s a “Party To Go!” and it’s getting dark earlier. This item is right on time! It has GREAT sound! And literally gets the party started! Don’t believe us? You can order a “sample” to see for yourself. (no, the sample is not free.)

Whose this for: This is for the person that likes to have some fun. 


We have TONS of more options for Unique Corporate Gifts.  Need help in your decisions? Give us a holler! 

Extra Personalization and all the Feels

It’s no secret, EVERYONE likes to feel “Special”. Has anyone ever said “No, please, don’t do ANYTHING nice for me! I just can’t take it”. Probably not. So you maybe asking yourself, “How can I get more “bang for my buck”? Glad you asked. This is where we take “custom” to an entire NEW level.  It’s ALL ABOUT THE PACKAGING!

Thanks to technology we can now personalize 100’s of different items with your employees and clients NAMES!!! 

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with your brand. 

Custom Boxes and Journals





We hope you have learned a little more about the TRUE VALUE of rewarding your key people and what it can do for your brand. If you need help in anyway making your decisions. That’s what we are here for. We offer fulfillment, kitting, drop shipments. Anything you need to make sure your “Holiday Gift Program” is something special. 

We are here to help! 


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