Do Neil Patel Strategies Work?

Do Neil Patel Strategies Work?


So a few months ago Neil Patel asked people were they honestly getting anything of value from him.   The truth is, this mans articles, blog post and downloads have help our entire company GROW! Just about everything he has said to do…WORKS!

If you are willing to put in the “work” that he tells you to. You will begin to see results in 30-90 days that you NEVER thought possible!  He especially gives you key value on his “Step by Step SEO marketing”. It makes my heart smile that he gives a lot of this information out freely. I can’t thank him enough!


Key Strategies that Worked

I decided his “Long Tailed Key Word Strategy” was a winner. He has many others, but this one seemed like the “easiest” to get a handle on. I really liked his “Funnel Marketing Strategy” too. But the way my business is, I knew I didn’t have the resources or time or desire to really keep the results “measured” to assure success. He talks about about that too. I’m telling you, this man really knows his stuff!  Do I think he’s long winded sometimes? Yep! But, let’s be very clear this man makes enough money that he could blow 6 figures on clothes. I’m not in that tax bracket yet, I’m not even sure I want to get there. But the idea of a Private Plane sounds majestic to me. Then again, the maintaining of a plane sounds stressful, but we never know what the future holds.

You know whenever you stumble upon a blog like Neil’s that gives you “Step by Step” information, it can begin to feel overwhelming. However, once I found him, I realized the “Urgency” in my business to inhale everything he was blazing. The internet changes every day, what and how people search for items change everyday. You don’t have to do “everything” he says to do. You just have to be “consistent and diligent” on whatever part you decide to do.


I can’t Thank Neil enough for all of his resources.  I can honestly say he saved me approximately $800 a month. That was the best quote I received for what I wanted done. I decided to DIY thanks to Neil. I’m really happy I did. I learned a lot and have “new ways” to look at opportunities!

His strategies have been working so well, that we “slowed down” a little on “creating new strategies”. We want to make sure our clients continue to get the service they deserve. We have increased Web Sales and Prospects all thanks to Neil Patel.

P.S. Dear Neil, if you happen to read this. I really liked when you had hair. It’s your head, but just thought I would share.

Thanks for reading!


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